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This image right here... Like... Oh my god~!
Aaaaaaaa YES YES YES!
:iconbutterfly3plz::iconbutterfly4plz::iconbutterfly5plz:_[12:41 AM GMT 06/15/2013] Natsuki Dusky Sakura was here to leave a little love for my wife -
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United Kingdom

So yeah...
Cute little Divinity
Too cute and amazing to fit on just one account~
:iconbestbuddiesplz: Bestest IRL Buddeh :iconbestbuddiesplz:
British stamp by Bourbons3LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

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Bending Reality Comics Digital Art Bending Reality Special
Check out my super massive Plz list here if you wish too aswell for all the Plz's you could ever need
:bulletpink:Smileys and Monkeys :bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Onions and Dragon brothers :bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Plz list - Large combinations 1 :bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Plz list - Large combinations 2 :bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Banners and separators 1 :bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Banners and separators 2 :bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Thank you's, Cute/love, Meme and other :bulletpink:
:bulletpink:MLP :bulletpink:
~My Favourite Favourite's folders~
Adorable and Cute Clothes Mindcrack
:iconkawaiipinkplz::iconkawaiipinkplz2:Spent all day writing all this out and adding all the HTML *sleeps*:iconkawaiipinkplz::iconkawaiipinkplz2:
Microsoft Windows User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelGoogle Chrome User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelAdobe Photoshop User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelWacom Bamboo Connect User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel

Feel like a sir, MrMcMuffin style ^-^
... is a mac from 1986, a Macintosh Plus 1Mb. Saw the old thing at a carboot sale and had some cash spare from all the clothes I bought on the cheap. I had walked past it a few times and after a few looks I suspected it of being special. You see the very old Macintosh's were special, they have the developers signatures inside the rear panel. So aftera  bit I surcome to my desire to get some bits of history. The guy was nice and new a bit about it. I couldn't be bothered to ask if it worked because unlike modern tech these things fail in ways that can be repaired with the use of a trained eye and other electronic scrap. I got the little thing for £10 along with the mouse and keyboard which I was surprised at how heavy it was seeing as... well it was a keyboard.

Now the obvious happened, the thing didn't turn on, it bloops at me and the screen isn't even loading. A feint screen can be seen but I believe that is due to the screen being on that for a while in it's past. That's why screensavers were a thing back with the CRT monitors. After a while the image on the screen will be burnt into the glass. A screensaver was designed to keep a moving image on the screen so that this didn't happen.

Back on topic though I just opened it up to have a look and all it's parts are in there. As I turned over the case I was greeted by a bunch of lovely signatures and even Steve Jobs which was nice to see.

Eventually I shall get around to fixing it, but for now it shall sit and age a little more until I can find time to repair the little thing so I can feel super old xD I am happy with the buy, even not working and the slight discolouration it's cute and maybe one day worth something so if I feel I can part with it I can at least make a return on it ^-^

I guess now I can say I finally own an apple product, not one of the newer flashy things but at least I didn't spend too much for too little like you get with the Iphones and new Mac's. I swear if they were cheaper I would make the swap assuming getting used to it isn't that bad.

Anyway enough rambling, you all are probably bored of this now or gave up reading long ago ;p 
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Please tell me someone got that reference :dummy:
If not... hint above ^-^

Anyway back to things, I've had my fun. I've got some updates for you all because who doesn't love reading these... wait Oi I see you going to close this D:
By the way, for those that don't know how I do things, I have a habit of using HTML within my DA pages and work. So if you see blue text or images now and then it might be worth hovering over it to see where it will take you or what it will say. If you cannot find a link to anything I talk about try looking for blue text in the paragraph or where I state the name as that'll most likely contain it.


First of all I'd like to say that my ever so lovable and amazing waifu BulletWitchLuna has been doing a story based upon her adventures in Skyrim, anyone that loves a good read or simply likes Skyrim I suggest you take a peak. So far she's done 8 parts. 2 being in journals and the rest in their own literature form of which I shall link you all to :happybounce:
Adventures of Mitsuki part 1, Adventures of Mitsuki part 2, Adventures of Mitsuki part 3, Adventures of Mitsuki part 4, Adventures of Mitsuki part 5, Adventures of Mitsuki part 6, Adventures of Mitsuki part 7, Adventures of Mitsuki part 8. The rest should be available soon so keep an eye out on that as it seems to be almost daily :hooray: If that wasn't enough to convince you lets put it in terms of me, I don't read, I find it boring and so predictable. I don't like being given space to imagine as it's all I do and I end up coming up with things more interesting than the story I'm reading. That's the usual case. However this catches me, as someone that's never played or seen skyrim it's a whole new experience in which I can picture her playing the game as the events unfold in the story as it seems to stick true to limitations posed by the game. So go and read.... please~


Next thingy which is somewhat related, I've been reading a comic series called Rain by JocelynSamara. This is adorable, I love it so much, just.... so jelly about how cool it is. I don't know if it might interest many of you, It's very popular as it is so some of you may have already heard of it. However if you support or are a member of LGBT then this might interest you. It touches on topics many face in the community, mostly the latter of LGBT (but covers the others as well, not much Asexual as far as I can tell but that might come in later) as the main character is a MtF transgender (Or Transexual for all the oldschoolers). It has reached over 500 pages and going strong so if you've got time, simply bored out of your mind or you are struggling with LGBT related issues this might be a nice little treat and little thing to help you feel happy if you're in a bad place.


Wow these first 3 things have been somewhat related, this is about my comic series... 3 lots of entertainment series from 3 different people, who'd have thought. Anyways for this topic I shall discuss my Bending Reality comic series. As of yet I have another page ready but shall upload... saturday or sunday, I want to do this weekly but not sure on a date. Anyone got any idea's, maybe a vote? Also how do you all feel on the style, I wasn't too keen on colouring all the panels as that would get so repetitive and make this all very daunting for such plain and simple panels, however for large ones I shall be doing high detail and well coloured panels, so for instance the next page being the second page features 3 panels and 1 being large and on it's own worthy of being it's own art piece. How do feel about this then, like, dislike, don't care? Last thing on this topic that I just thought of would you all like me to actually release the large panels as their own art piece afterwards and after slight reworkings to make them suited to being out of a comic?


Okay so here's the summary of this then
:bulletpink: Read all the things by my waifu~ Adventures of Mitsuki part 1 by BulletWitchLuna
:bulletpink: Read this amazing comic series~ Rain by JocelynSamara
:bulletpink: When should I upload the comics as they shall be weekly?
:bulletpink: How do you find the style of my comics?
:bulletpink: Should I release special poster versions of detailed panels?
I think that about cuts it for today, I'll get back to drawing and working on stuff :happybounce:
Thank you for your time :dummy:
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Don't judge, it's a fun number ;p next one will be 123456... if I ever make it that far :happybounce:
If I did those kiriban thingies I would have definitely done it for this... but I didn't because I'm evil like that :iconihappyloveitplz:
Now I shall sleep....
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You heard it here first, I have finished my last exam. It was a lovely 2 hour Physics exam and where some said it was horrible (As the exam board changed everything on us except didn't tell us nor gave us the material to learn the changes) but... I found it amazing, I've never finished an exam feeling so happy about it before. Usually I come out irritated and sad that I missed a few questions but this time I'm only guaranteed to lose 5 out of 100 marks, so hopefully I'll come out with maybe 70 or more after questions are marked as I know I'll have messed up something XD Grade boundaries will be alright so might even get an A in it which is a first for me any of my A-Level exams... because... A-Levels when you choose hard subjects is hard D:

So what now, well I'm free to do things and work :hooray: I shall be finishing off some art and uploading that of which I have not uploaded, then getting stuff together... then... er... making the Bending Reality Comic strips soon after the wallpapers I guess. Oh I guess I could start up commissions soon after too... not points though as those things are so... eurgh pointless... ha no pun intended. But seriously unless you're collecting them to get premium, buy something from the DA store or like purchase other commissions what else do they do. So on that note real money shall be required, they will be cheap commissions as I feel some people ask too much for something someone enjoys doing anyway. Also it will be done via a paypal button as I am not using anything DeviantArt as to be honest I don't trust this site with any personal data so like hell will I give them my banking data or even my address ;p

That's all I wished to say, can't think of anything else to share :happybounce:
<3 Lia
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As there are going to be like... a lot of wallpapers, 49 for a single resolution as there will be 7 sets of the 7 colours. Then consider the alternative resolutions. So essentially there will be in the future 98 of these new 2014 wallpapers. I could have dumped them in a .zip and made it so there are only 1 upload per set per resolution however that means those with shocking internet will spend forever potentially downloading colours they do not want. Considering the file size of each wallpaper ranges but is usually around 3MB it's not that great for those that don't have mega internet or even a relatively decent download. (EDIT: As of uploading all 18 of the first set I realised that 18 separate things might be a pain to download so I uploaded a pack too in a .zip, this is 45.9MB so if you have a slow connection be prepared ^-^)

If you wish to read the comics for the Bending Reality series that I have started as of 24/6/14 you can use the link below to go to a gallery with all of the current pages.
Bending Reality Comic Series

Anyway, this journal will be updated with each upload to make the searching a little easier, think of this as an easy way to access all the 2014 Bending Reality Wallpapers. Please favourite the wallpapers if you download any as it's nice to know who did so I may thank you ^-^

Set 1
Bending Reality 2014 Set 1 (All Resolutions) by ComikzInk
____1920 x 1080______________1440 x 900____
Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Red)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconredbutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Red)(1440x900) by ComikzInk

Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Orange)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconorangebutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Orange)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Yellow)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconyellowbutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Yellow)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Green)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconmh3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Green)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Blue)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconbluebutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Blue)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Indigo)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconindigobutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Indigo)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Violet)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconpinkbutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V1 (Violet)(1440x900) by ComikzInk

Set 2
Bending Reality 2014 Set 2 (All Resolutions) by ComikzInk
____1920 x 1080______________1440 x 900____
Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Red)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconredbutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Red)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Orange)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconorangebutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Orange)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Yellow)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconyellowbutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Yellow)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Green)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconmh3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Green)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Blue)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconbluebutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Blue)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Indigo)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconindigobutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Indigo)(1440x900) by ComikzInk
Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Violet)(1920x1080) by ComikzInk:iconpinkbutterfly3plz:Bending Reality set 2014 V2 (Violet)(1440x900) by ComikzInk

Set 3
____1920 x 1080______________1440 x 900____
Coming Soon~

Set 4
____1920 x 1080______________1440 x 900____
Coming Soon~

Set 5
____1920 x 1080______________1440 x 900____
Coming Soon~

Set 6
____1920 x 1080______________1440 x 900____
Coming Soon~

Set 7
____1920 x 1080______________1440 x 900____
Coming Soon~

Hope you enjoy, remember to favourite the wallpapers if you download them as it's nice to know who did so I may thank you ^-^
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