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October 4, 2013
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Dubstep (1920 x 1080)(16:9) by ComikzInk Dubstep (1920 x 1080)(16:9) by ComikzInk
Dubstep (1440 x 900)(16:10)
I have not done anything on here in"buEFfGTRJgfjhrss/ufcblsuivci" seriously done nothing, so I thought it would be time to make something that wasn't related to stupid sixth form and work ^-^

Here I present to you one of 2 current sizes of a Desktop background. Being as I have a love for Dubstep...well I say that I love all the Electronic sub genre's...except trap, it is the devil! I do like other genre's equally to dubstep but as it is the most controversial on the internet...why not add to it :happybounce:

Just for clarity for those that do not know what dubstep is:
1: Dubstep is one of the many Electronic genre's that typically your parents and neighbours will not like.
2: Skrillex =/= Dubstep.I like a lot of what he makes don't get me wrong but Skrillex pretty much exclusively has his own genre called Brostep...not Dubstep. You can compare it to dubstep for simplicities sake and I don't think many will correct you if you say so. I have seen some say skrillex is a genre...Those people should stop commenting on youtube.
3: Wub Wub Wub...I don't care if you think it's just noise. It's a noise with a pattern ;p

Anywho this wasn't meant to be anything amazing, just a little thing for whoever else would like to use it as a background.

Got to upload the alternative resolution now, toodles.
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