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Easter Is Magic by ComikzInk Easter Is Magic by ComikzInk
EASTER... IT'S EASTER.... DRAW SOMETHING!!!!! :iconrarityomgplz:

So... I drew this after planning it with the wife then finding out... I really didn't have the time to do what I wanted :iconraritycameplz:
Same amount of panels but... different. Same outcome though :iconapplejackfsjalplz:

In this little comic we have Silky; The daughter of Amelia and Dusky who has clearly found one of Amelia's potions. With the cap off she asks Dusky what it is whilst in the process of doing so in her excitement she spills it on Dusky, just enough to actually matter clearly as she begins to change. After Dusky demands Silky change her back Amelia appears behind them which it soon becomes apparent Dusky wasn't the first pony to be asked the question albeit luckier in the dosage she was given :icontrollestiaplz:

Don't worry... should wear off soon :icontrollestia3plz:

If you're wondering why there are potions around the house then be misinformed no more. Amelia mixes potions and sells them at a price to anypony after a quick and temporary change.
Amelia's Potion Shop by ComikzInk

If it exists she can probably whip something up however it is to be noted there are consequences for improper use of these potions. That being said it doesn't stop you throwing them at unsuspecting ponies.
Amelia by ComikzInk

I hope to do more of these soon, unfortunately my style which consists of heavy layer usage sometimes makes these projects take a while and not only that but the .psd is usually huge (this was just over 200MB). I've done another comic if you wish to check that one out below.
Don't Play With Your Food by ComikzInk

By the way, check out the gift wifey made for me on her DA (link below)
Easter Present by xDuskStriderx

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Have a great rest of you Easter Holiday and I'll see you in the next one.

This deviation is not to be shared without appropriate credit to the creator, there must be no modifications and not used for commercial use. Please respect the Creative Commons License as this is art, not a stock image for your own projects.
xDuskStriderx Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
CHchchchchchhch~! Chchchchchchchchch CHCHCHCHCH~!


Chchchchch~! chchchchchchch~



HONEY, ANOTHER AMAZING PIECE OF ART~! It probably didn't follow the plan but it doesn't make it any less special and AMAZING~! :iconrarityhappyplz:

We do happen to have a bit of a predicament, thankfully we stocked on carrots~... for some reason~ :icontwilightboogieplz:

You look so cute~! Hope you changing back doesn't take longer than mine with the different dosage. It would be ever so unfortunate if I couldn't enjoy you as a bunny for long~ :iconapplejackhurrplz:

SO CUTE YOU ARE~! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH~! :iconsoawesomepinkieplz:
ComikzInk Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
*giggles* Chchchchchchchchch~~~~~~~

Mmmm only amazing because you're in it... several times :iconhappywoonaplz:

Yay carrots~~~ :icontwilightdanceplz:

Don't think so... maybe a little longer. Nuuu wifey don't wanna be a bunny for a long time~~ :iconraritynoesplz:

NU YOU CUTER, YOU HAS MANE... LOVE YOU TOO~~~ :iconrdeyeflutterplz:
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