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Matrix (1440 x 900)(16:10) by ComikzInk Matrix (1440 x 900)(16:10) by ComikzInk
Matrix (1920 x 1080)(16:9)
Found this laying around on my laptop when I opened photoshop, I was sort of happy to see it as I knew I did this, just didn;t know if I saved and stored it. guess I was waiting to finish it but looking at it now you really cannot add to it with how complex it is, Like...seriously anymore and it would just go from complex/ intricate to random geometric jungle.

I do like this in a way, but personally I know I prefer some of my others yet I know quite a few other people will like this and would love to use it on their desktops so why hide it. Like most of my desktops I tend to go with Green as to me it is such a beautiful and mysterious colour, like a bind between nature and technology so whenever I bring out something I like to add some fluorescent green highlights or in my desktops have it as the main colour.

This in itself came from purely taking my hex mesh vector and spending time just adding effects to it. Then I would duplicate, move and then add more effects which finally came to this. That's all I remember in terms of how I made it incase you were curious, just to show you don't need a graphics tablet or even a flashy program, I'm sure has the same effects tools or at least the same I always end up using ;p
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October 4, 2013
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